110 Closet Conversions Ideas

With a little luck, this room can have the look of a major wine cellar renovation for a fraction of the cost. I started by taking EVERYTHING out of the closet.

Tips for Converting Your Closet to a Cozy Office

If you opt for a two-person desk setup, you can personalize your workstation with items that inspire you specifically. But if there’s only one desk that you share, be mindful of decorations. Does your home have an additional bedroom that you don’t use? Bedrooms are spacious, have good lighting from overhead lights and windows, and usually include closet space that can work for anyoffice storageyou’d need. Create a compact, efficient office inside a closet. The office has spacious drawers and shelves, bright lighting and a large desktop. Plus you hide all office clutter when you close the closet doors.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

No one wants to plug away in a dark corner, so do yourself a favor and consider adding some additional lighting. In the bedroom above, a bay window was used to accommodate an built-in desk. Not only will you have plenty of natural light in this space, there is lots of storage to tuck items out of the way. A professional… and comfortable work chair will complete the look. But since this is in your home, you do not necessarily have to go with professional, just have a look at the image above for inspiration.

  • It doesn’t have to be anything special but your own private getaway to eat Snickers away from the kids.
  • Of course, Halloween doesn’t count because then you can go ahead and create a total Nightmare on Elm Street vibe.
  • That can be aimed at specific zones in your workspace.
  • No one wants to plug away in a dark corner, so do yourself a favor and consider adding some additional lighting.

Perhaps you have a closet under your stairs buried in holiday decorations. Simply clean those ornaments and goodies out of there, and get to work on the space. Have a spare bedroom you want to use for guests but as an office as well? Turn the closet into a simple, low-key but efficient office area. Cover with a curtain to keep it inconspicuous when guests arrive.

Create A Sleeping Nook

But with a bit of creativity, almost anyone can proudly store and display their elegant wine collection. Gohereto learn about having an online design or color consultation. You’ll want to make sure you have the shelves Computing exactly where you want them before securing them in place. I had to rearrange mine several times before it was just right. Secure the shelves by attaching a screw through designated hole on the bottom of the bracket.

Tips for Converting Your Closet to a Cozy Office

A long narrow desk against the back wall leaves ample room to bring in furniture like a low profile couch. A shelf with plants on the wall brings in decor without taking up floor space. The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom.

Under Stairs Storage Ideas For Foodies

They can also be used as a functional and beautiful accent piece that can easily add decorative flair and transform any space in your home. If you want to save a little bit of money, buy some unfinished cabinets from the home improvement store and paint or stain them to match. You could also pick up some prefinished cabinets to https://remotemode.net/ save time. Don’t forget to install a ledger to safely secure the cabinets onto the wall. Also, when building your new office keep in mind the KINDS of storage you’ll need room for. Knowing what sorts of storage containers you’ll be working with in the beginning will help you eliminate any space requirement headaches later on.

A new skylight was strategically placed above this desk to highlight this little haven. Kitchen reimagined to include a home office into the cabinetry. An unexpected twist on a traditional concept by using a roll-up metal door to hide the desk recess. Built into a niche, this cabinet makes the most of the space in the room. Built-in desk area off the great room is a perfect place for keeping track of the family’s daily activities. Decorative objects, like vases, a thrift-store painting, and boxes in various shades of blue, break up the long rows of books.

Creative Ways To Hide Your Home Office

From desk lamps and floor lamps to overhead lighting fixtures, there are several ways to add sources of light to your Remote Career in IT workstation. If you suddenly have multiple family members working or studying from home, office space may be limited.

Features like a metallic animal skull and sputnik chandelier add a touch of whimsy. Even if you just have a small corner for your bedroom office, you can still make it pop. Pick two colors that play off each other well, like black and white, to add visual interest in a simple way. This room features gorgeous floor to ceiling windows with lots of natural light. Not everyone is comfortable sleeping in such an exposed room. You can easily convert a large master bedroom into a modern and stylish home office.

How To Design A Home Office Space For Two People

Some rooms are simply too small to fit both a desk and a bed on the floor. Lofting your bed can create an ingenious solution. You can tuck a desk right under your bed with your newly found square footage. This bedroom office is cozy and clever, making it ideal for a teenage girl or young women in college who still comes home during breaks.

The thought of working from the inside of a closet can feel claustrophobic, uninviting, and honestly, a little unrealistic. But the truth is, an productive workspace really comes down to the aesthetics. Hang wallpaper in a print that inspires you, and create a style that feels totally you. Trust us, if you do this, you’ll look forward to enjoying your morning coffee in here day after day. You’ve heard the phrase, “a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind,” and this especially rings true in tighter spaces. Keep your desk as clean and workable as possible by storing away less-used items in uniformed bins on higher shelves. Not only will your closet office look organized and beautiful, so will your work.

Private Sleeping Space

The vision of this space was to create a tasteful and stylish atmosphere that reflects the owner’s Nigerian heritage. If you are lacking space in your home, consider creating a multi-purpose room by combining a home office/guest room to host overnight guests. This space could Tips for Converting Your Closet to a Cozy Office be a spare bedroom that you use for the occasional guest or for storing unused clutter. With some cleanup, this space can be transformed into a highly functional and attractive room. Window alcoves can make a room feel bigger, but they can also be awkward to decorate around.

Storage is not just reserved to the side of your staircase; each step can hold storage potential as well. Landings can feature a lift-open lid and be a place to conveniently store blankets and pillows. Steps can individually become pull-out drawers by adding drawers and pull-handle hardware to risers. Or, you can create lift-up lids on each step for places to store things like tools and batteries. The area may be small, but that just makes it easier and less expensive to decorate and customize it. This area will make a special hideout children will cherish. Store books and toys here to keep things organized and out of the way.

Open Bedroom Layout With Study Table

If you’re worried that a bedroom office will feel too small, reconsider the scale of your furniture. Downgrading to a smaller bed, nightstand and desk will ensure you still have plenty of room.

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