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With advanced filtering features, you can even choose to view customer service opportunities by industry . As a freelancer on the platform, it’s free to use—but you’ll have to pay a commission to Workana, which ranges from 5-20%, every time you get paid from a client.


Freelancing requires good money management and constant sourcing of new clients. With the ultimate in control comes additional responsibilities. Most of the time, working on freelance projects will involve working at your home office during the hours you choose. You’ll absolutely have deadlines to meet, but you will decide when and where you work.

This means learning the ins and outs of building and maintaining a website, networking, managing billing and invoicing, setting your hours, marketing your services, etc. Those are all things that are part of running a business, and there’s a steep learning curve for some people.

As you can see from the freelance job listings on FlexJobs, a variety of companies, organizations, and government agencies hire freelancers. You’ll find work in almost every career imaginable, and the freelance jobs vary from small, temporary projects to long-term, full-time projects. One of the advantages of starting a freelance business is that you can take clients right now, without much hassle or expense. Tap your network or find a project on a freelance board, and you’re in business. The key to developing a steady stream of clients is to provide excellent service and marketing. One of the best marketing strategies for freelancers is to cultivate referrals. Many freelancers are able to build their business solely through word-of-mouth.

You can still make a good living and earn what you’re worth, but it’s less expensive because employers aren’t required to offer benefits that come with traditional full-time jobs. Yes, there’s a downside to this, which I’ll explain in a second. Freelancers have a variety of reasons for freelancing, the perceived benefits differ by gender, industry, and lifestyle. For instance, the 2012 Freelance Industry Report reported that men and women freelance for different reasons. Freelancing also enables people to obtain higher levels of employment in isolated communities.

They have a screening process, which can make it tough to be accepted, but they use AI to match freelancers with projects, which is just plain cool. Not only can you sign up for their newsletter with writing opportunities, you can actually submit to write for them. They pay well, but you’ll need to come up with a pretty good idea to pitch.

The Disadvantages Of Freelancing

Marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr have a lot of competition, and it may be tough to build an initial profile or get paid what you’re worth. And they will keep a small percentage of each job as a transaction fee. These marketplaces serve as the middleman by aggregating freelance jobs on one side of the marketplace and freelance talent on the other.


These services often, though not necessarily, are offered to businesses through the proliferation of sharing economy platforms like TaskRabbit, Mechanical Turk, or Upwork. However, individuals can offer their services directly to clients, contra asset account without third-party resources that often take a cut of the pay. At its essence, virtual assistants provide administrative support to businesses. Tasks can include calendar management, emailing, customer support, research and more.

Find The Perfect Freelance Services For Your Business

If you have a byline (your name included as author/creator), you can include the work in your portfolio. Avoid profit-sharing opportunities – Clients who try to offer you a share of the profits from a website are usually bluffing about their “amazing opportunity” and should be avoided like the plague.

In some ways, freelance sits in between entrepreneurshipand employment. Randy Duermyer is a former writer for The Balance Small Business and a home-based business owner with experience in digital marketing. They’re another site that hires freelancers to provide services for their clients, everything from phone calls to data entry. They parse it out by task, which are worth various dollar amounts, and they even have managerial positions available. As the name implies, this is a great way to network with other virtual assistants, along with their great job board that you can search through. They have great advice and resources for beginner VA’s as well, so definitely a necessary first stop and I’d recommend also checking out these work from home jobsfor more virtual assistant job leads.

In another column, take note of the high and low ends of what other freelancers are getting paid per hour or per project. First, prioritize the list by which skills you WANT to get paid for the most. Add every specific skill to the list – the more skills you can name, the better. In most full time jobs, employees find themselves doing things that weren’t originally in their job description.

Step 6: Try Freelancing Part

FlexJobs partners with thousands of companies—ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses—to offer freelance gigs, full-time jobs, and part-time jobs in more than 50 job categories. FlexJobs is a subscription service for job seekers with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The monthly subscription costs allow us to fully vet and verify all of the jobs on our site, ensuring that customers have a safe and positive job searching experience. Whether you want to be your own boss, test drive a new career, or have a side hustle that focuses on your passion project, accounting can be the way to go. And, if you decide to pursue freelance work, you wouldn’t be alone.

This freelance website has over 1.5 million freelancers that used their service. Every worker will have a rating, which is a great promotion. You’ll also be able to create a resume from the website and learn many things from their blog. Anyone who is looking for flexibility in their jobs should definitely check this freelance website. In this digital age, the demand for websites that attract visitors is high. While DIY web designing has made it easier for businesses to get online, many don’t want the hassle of building and maintaining the website. Further, some want a variety of bells and whistles that require greater technical knowledge to create.

Now, skilled services in marketing, IT, and business consulting make up 45% of the freelance workforce. It’s a legitimate work situation for millions of Americans, and more people are choosing to freelance because of the amount of flexibility it can provide. Let’s dig into what freelance work is, the benefits and downsides, and how you can start freelancing. I really like FlexJobs and SolidGigs because they provide a smaller, more curated list of vetted freelance positions. There is less time spent with proposals and generally very high quality work. And if you’re a copywriter, here are the best freelance writing sites. Historically, freelancing isn’t something people typically do forever.

You need to work hard and be determined to succeed as a freelancer. More importantly, it takes time to gain experience and develop skills. A good way to make this process easier is to find a coach and improve your skills by taking courses and reading books. If you want to learn more about freelancing and insights into some of the blueprints that I use to land high paying clients, please check out my book Freelance Like A Pro. A mistake most beginning freelancers make is search for the most popular freelance marketplace and join to get started.

Codeable focuses on offering their clients everything from WordPress themes to plugins—and that’s it. They’re literally just a resource for clients to find WordPress experts , so your task of finding the right clients just got a lot easier. Media Bistro has a nice little variety of categories, which includes writing and editing. Their curated list features everything from book editing to PR content, so you’re sure to find a few things that fit your niche. This site has a huge variety of projects, some formatted as hourly and some as contests – the only downside is that they only give 8 free applications before you have to pay the membership fee.

  • Toptal is all about helping companies find the top tier (3%) of world-class freelancers.
  • This one is a bit different, as it’s more of a marketplace for your photos, not for jobs.
  • When it comes to freelancing, having competition is a GOOD thing.
  • You need to make connections, you need to start with lower paying work to build up a portfolio and get your name out there.

That’s a problem because most smart people in this space think less than 10% of total freelance spending goes through platform website landing pages. Platforms can get more of the total spend by incenting its members to share their leads, hunt in packs, and provide a greater number of members with freelance work.

Surely, you can be one of them if you work hard enough in building your skills. Being a freelancer is an excellent way to use your talent to make money online. You have the freedom to apply for only the projects that you like or you’re good at. Many qualified candidates need help making their resume stand out from all the other submissions. Providing resume editing and writing services not only helps people find their place in the job market, but it can be started part-time or full-time and requires very little startup. The Virtual Assistant industry, much like freelancing, is thriving in this new, outsourcing and crowdsourcing economy. Also, similar to freelancing in general, the work that can be done as a virtual assistant is varied.

So be absolutely sure you’ve talked to everyone you can before doing any direct outreach to strangers. If that doesn’t happen right away, you may begin to panic and think about meeting totally new people to pitch your services.

For example, a web development agency may sell a full website project, but subcontract the copywriting to a freelance copywriter outside of the agency itself. Working client direct refers to finding and communicating directly with clients through your own means. That may be networking, existing relationships, or word-of-mouth referrals. It is easy to set up your own retirement savings account, but there will not be any matching contributions from your employer. And, unfortunately, that means your health insurance may cost more. When a company negotiates a health insurance policy with a broker, they are often able to get more favorable rates since they are buying in bulk.

Instead, find a number on the middle or high end of market rates for similar services that makes you excited to do the project. Telling a small business owner that they can hire you for copywriting isn’t very compelling. In order to sell your skills, you need to think of them as a service. Coding is a skill and creating custom mobile apps is a service.

If you want to grow your business, you’re going to have to be comfortable networking and approaching strangers, whether you’re doing it in person or digitally. There are a few qualities you should possess to set yourself up for freelance success. While not an all-encompassing list, these essential characteristics will give you an idea of where to focus. Every job has pros and cons, and freelancing is no different.

And according to the same study, 53% of workers aged are freelancing.

Author: Edward Mendlowitz
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