Belleville One Xero 320 Ultralight Assault Boots Review

I read a lot of internet reviews on these boots before buying them from here. They are definitely comfortable income summary like most of the reviews pointed out. I havent seen how they perform in the mud yet but so far so good.

The C320 ONE XERO is a Berry compliant, lightweight field ready assault boot, in coyote brown for the Army’s new OCP ACU. In fact a C320 ONE XERO is one the lightest boot in the market. Designed around the athletic strobel – stitch construction, the C320 ONE XERO’s medial and lateral ventilation zones ensures better breathability and superior comfort levels.

  • The combination of a full grain cowhide and nylon fabric makes the C320 ONE XERO a very tough boot.
  • Boots require 3 eyelets to be conforming to the army regulations and the bellevile 790 DES have got you covered there.
  • These boots hug your feet and move naturally with you when you are wearing them.
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  • The Vibram Incisor features directional lugs and bars to provide superior traction on loose and uneven terrain.

Of course, you will select the pair of combat boots that have the best warranty. Even the outsole technology on the USMC Rat Temperate Boot is of superior all-weather quality.

A Few Final Thoughts When Purchasing Combat Boots

The best part is that you don’t even need to be an army member. Every outdoor, wilderness, and survival enthusiast will benefit from having a fine pair of army boots. Built for performance, the Reebok Hyper Velocity is a low-cost option that provides comfort and support even in hot weather. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The last few engagements that America has fought have been fought in hotter climes.

If you feel none of those is the right model combat boot for you, then use the information in the buying guide to help you in your new combat boot search. Either way, you should be able to end up with a high-quality military boot that more than adequately meets your needs. Your feet will stay comfortable and dry all day thanks to its antimicrobial moisture-wicking air mesh lining and its custom fit EVA insole with high performance cushioning. It will almost feel like you are wearing sneakers when you have these high-performance combat boots on.

They are waterproof, made from a strong leather, include the unique Gore-Tex technology, slip resistant, and are built to last. Traction is paramount when doing any military task and that’s why it’s so important to have a great outsole on any military boot you purchase. Look for combat boots whose soles are made of natural enhanced rubber.

The outsole is similar to other Belleville boots, its the 100% rubber vibram outsole. These outsoles are waterproof, have good grip, and are slip resistant.

Light boots will help you to be able to keep up the pace, even in rough terrain or on challenging inclines. These boots are some of the lightest boots that are Berry Amendment compliant on the market, which is also a nice touch. If you’re on your feet for an extended period of time, there is nothing more important than that the shoes or boots you’re wearing are comfortable. No organization in the world understands this like the military and those who seek to supply them. These boots are lightweight and include features that are great for the military and for other occasions including rucking, hiking, trekking and more. Furthermore, with the 8-inch military standard construction, the Belleville One Xero 320 is very comfortable and lasts longer even when used in a tough terrain environment.

There is nothing that is harder on your feet than a military boot that does not have padding in the right places or some shock-absorbing capability. So look for these things when you are out shopping for new combat boots or shopping online. Part of that has to do with their shock-absorbing and stay dry moisture-wicking insert. They also have an antimicrobial mesh lining that keeps them smelling fresh and helps these boots feel better when on your feet.

Rocky C4t 8 Military And Tactical Training Boot

They do run true to size unlike my other Bellevilles which run extremely large. They do run slightly wider than my other boots which were a regular width as well. I weighed them at about 17 oz each compared to my Reebok sneaks which were 19 oz.

It’s rare to find all these features packed in a boot for the price range its in. This is the feature that really makes it stand out compared to the other boots in their line up.

At 13oz per boot, they are not the absolute lightest of the light and sneaker-like. I have had more than one customer let me know that they took two pairs of these to Ranger school and say they saved their feet during the long 61+ day stretch through the elements. These will dry quickly with good airflow through the footbed and the EVA midsole will keep that footbed feeling just as sturdy and supportive through all the trials you put them through.

Belleville Goretex 763 Size 10 5r Tan 6″ Assault Boots Waterproof Regular Vibram

Your feet have great natural movement in them, and the lip from the outsole that extends past the heel will keep you stable with your pack loaded. Oakley ensured the midsole and outsole can take a good amount of shock from whatever terrain you may march over, huge for an extremely lightweight and simplistic boot. They take a little getting used to, the arch support has a hard underfoot, so pre-wearing these before taking them out on their maiden ruck-voyage is imperative. A newer to the scene boot, Belleville built the AMRAP with insights geared specifically towards what its military customers have been saying for over 100 years. This boot is supportive and rugged with no excess weight as they crammed incredible technology into an easy break-in boot. Namely, the outsole, built with “Athletic Strobel” construction, makes this boot feel like an athletic shoe but with all the durability we expect and trust from Belleville.

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Minimalist footwear allows your foot to move as it was intended by nature. As such, your Online Accounting toe and heel are at similar heights and are not influenced by the sole of your boot.

One of the things that make these boots AR670-1 compliant is the eyelets. Boots require 3 eyelets to be conforming to the army regulations and the bellevile 790 DES have got you covered there. Having eyelets are great to ensure the boots can easily be put on and taken off. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, these boots are made from cattlehide leather.

Belleville knows that military boots are not known for being the most comfortable boots, that’s why they even harder to make these belleville one xero review boots comfortable to be worn for hours and hours on end. These boots have a highly cushioned and shock absorbent midsole.

Combat boots have come a long way since I was in the military over a decade ago. These 620s are comfortable and have adequate padding where you need in in the heel area. The drawbacks are weak ankle support and the durability is questionable. I really doubt I can 5+ years of use outta these like boots when I was in the military. My last pair of boots were the Belleville Maintainers which lasted me for 2.5 years of solid use. These boots I have are probably okay for light duty but being out in the field is definitely a no. Really disappointed in the quality coming from a name like Belleville.

Not only do you want to purchase a comfortable military boot but you always want that boot to help keep your feet safe. So look for important safety features built into any boot you are thinking about purchasing.

Comfortable Like Others Have Said

It is intended for hot weather and features air vents on both sides of the foot for superior air flow and cooling. The 320 features a high-quality upper made of suede cowhide and nylon fabric for superior durability and longevity.

Vietnam, Panama, Somalia, the original Gulf War, the new Gulf War, the list goes on and on. Such fights require that you have boots that are not going to keep in moisture, boots that will do their best to keep your feet cool and to wick away moisture.

These 8-inch highs over the ankle combat boots are made using a combination of leather and cut resistant nylon which makes them durable and helps keep them lightweight too. An important part of finding the right military or combat boots for your needs involves choosing and ordering the right sizes. Even a half-size too large or too small has a tremendous impact on your feet. Most of the time, you will use a Brannock device to find the right size for you. Here are some tips and tricks for making sure your boots fit correctly. The Belleville One Xero includes the usual rough suede leather construction which has become so popular in the desert theaters of war. The construction of the rest of the boot is nylon, which is lightweight and helps to keep the boot cool while you’re on the go.

It stands to reason that the higher the boot the better supported your ankles will be and the less chance there is that mud and water will go over your boots into them. These military boots were developed by Danner working side by side with Marine Corp personnel. There are many great features that were added to this boot design as a result of that collaboration. Some of the outstanding features on these boots include a GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable membrane and a comfort-enhancing polyurethane-coated/leather-covered toe and heel.

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