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Each year, the winning firms are picked by an independent panel of judges based on written submissions and presentations from each firm. Consultancies in this category are often more focused on business model innovation, new branding, or marketing concepts. Compared to the previous group, more innovation consultants in this category have a background in innovation management, marketing or economics. It focuses on an international approach and cooperation in order to analyse and plan energy works and solutions. Along with their London office, they are also located inTübingen , Kiel ​. With a team of 20 engineers with expertise on different backgrounds within the renewable energy industry such as transmission & distribution, power station technology and software as well as supplying consultants.

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An award-winning digital, strategy and transformation consultancy, specialising in helping organisations to achieve sustainable performance in all business areas. Provides property and construction consulting services to various commercial and public sector clients in Europe. Recognised by Financial Times as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies in 2018. A specialist consultancy providing risk management and organisational change solutions to financial companies, helping them implement new initiatives and improve performance.

Overview Of Consulting

Check out the link below to see what other consulting firms have made the list. As mentioned above, the UK’s biggest consulting firms all offer graduate schemes. These schemes are incredibly competitive, even for the graduate market. An operations consultant is employed by a company to develop the efficiency of their value chain.

Is Accenture a big 4?

Just to nitpick: Accenture is not part of the Big4 (PWC/Deloitte/E&Y/KPMG).

A management consultancy specialising in fast, flexible and lasting business transformation. When it comes to the world’s top consulting firms, there are definitely some strong contenders. Technology Consulting is one of the fastest-growing business areas within KPMG. KPMG works with everyone from governments to blue chip clients it consulting firms on vital projects such as cyber-security – one of the world’s biggest concerns. KPMG is at the forefront of developing game-changing technology that’s set to counter this ever-increasing security risk. Known for their innovations in cloud services and IT security, Atos consultants take on a wide range of work across all sectors.

It Companies London #1 Best It Company London

Consultants could be involved in finding ways to improve R&D productivity, setting up or reviewing policies, improving business models or redefining the health value chain. The challenge here is to develop business strategies that respond to disruptive technology, reform agendas and the rising cost of healthcare, all within global regulatory frameworks. Early on in your career you will gain a range of experiences – a key attraction for many graduates considering a career in consultancy. It is likely that you will enter the profession within a generalist or strategy firm; as your experience grows you will become more specialised, enabling you to work in areas you find most interesting and rewarding. What distinguishes the top performing consulting firms is that they have identified and mastered the core skills and behaviours required to create value in the client’s mind in every interaction with the firm. Most consulting firms offer their graduates an exciting mix of training, travel, project work, early client contact and increasing responsibility, but there are of course differences between firms.

Management consultants are specialists who offer consultancy services to businesses or industries to order to maximise their growth or improve business performance. They may be asked into an organisation for many different reasons; it might be a roll-out of a new IT system, to manage a company acquisition or support bringing a new product to market. Consultants can assist by identifying a company’s options, developing suitable recommendations, providing Mobile App Development Process additional resources and supporting the implementation of solutions. We sometimes get approached at Implement by people seeking to start a career in management consulting. Whilst these people may be very able with valuable experience it is not our policy at Implement to engage people with little or no experience as a management consultant. Here then is a list of the top UK Management Consultancies that are likely to be recruiting at this time.

Consulting Internships & Placements Abroad

Some offer aSharePoint ticketing systemthat allows users to follow along and become educated with common issues and problem-solving steps remotely. Businessman presenting concept about consulting, expert advices and solutions for companiesAs a business owner, people expect you to know what you’re doing at all times. There will come a time when you need to seek the guidance of someone better than you . It’s always beneficial to keep up with the ever-changing technologies in the business world and Mustard IT have made the whole transition of our old email system to cloud email smooth and simple. They are a helpful and reliable company to deal with and we highly recommend their IT support services to any other London company.

it consulting firms

Strategy consultants work out the issues in the operations and work strategy of a company; this could include the reorganisation of a company’s structure, corporate and organisational strategy, public policy and functional strategy. Likewise, the perceived value of their work is significantly enhanced in the client’s mind long after the project has ended. Consulting firms constantly face the challenge of optimally aligning staff while delivering projects on time profitably. Meanwhile, non-billable administrative tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning eat up time and attention. While important, these tasks mean lost revenue or foregone personal time.

Rethinking Value In Consulting: What Distinguishes The Top Performing Firms From The Rest?

Clients range from asset managers, banks and insurance companies, to regulators and infrastructure providers. This covers a broad range of consulting services as IT is itself a diverse field. Consultants here help businesses to get the most out of their systems; this may involve systems analysis and design or implementing and administrating an IT system. They won’t necessarily have a deep knowledge of the client’s industry and therefore may work alongside other specialists. What still distinguishes the top performing firms isn’t just exceptional consulting tools and methodologies or their consultants’ knowledge and expertise – these are par for the course. What differentiates the top firms is the behavioural, emotional and cognitive skills their consultants use to communicate their insight in a way that adds real value to clients throughout an engagement. The MCA awards are the benchmark for quality in the UK consulting industry with entries from many of the UK’s top consulting firms.

  • Grant Thornton UK LLP is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd .
  • Please take a look at our case studies or customer references, below, to find out more about how we work.
  • Even a few weeks in consulting will demonstrate you know what consulting is like.
  • They assist with brand creation and recognition, advertising strategies, digital marketing techniques, SEO implementation, website design, and more.
  • A consulting insight or a banking insight are also great additions to your CV.
  • 360i is an award-winning agency that helps brands capitalize on change.
  • Consultancy is a popular option for graduates, meaning that there is competition for opportunities.

Technology Consulting, or IT Consulting, is currently one of the fastest-growing global industries. Blue chip businesses and governments rely on high-tech systems to perform and technology consultants make sure they’re working as efficiently as possible. With such a wide market, we understand that not every business is built the same it consulting firms way. For this reason, we’ve crafted unique IT support plans that can serve your business far better than a one-size-fits-all approach. By allowing us to integrate with your existing support staff, we can efficiently provide assistance while your primary team is out of office, keeping your devices operating at full capacity 24/7.

Will A Firms Culture Be Right For You?

Working as a business services professional in a management consulting firm is to join professionals at the forefront of industry, sharing knowledge with client organisations that enables them to better navigate uncertainty and change. There are also a good number of consultants who offer a variety of short programmes such as insight days/open days or events. Designed specifically for first or second year students, these generally last one day to a week and provide an introduction to management consultancy to help you decide whether or not it is the right career for you. These schemes also increase your chances of being considered for firms’ graduate schemes. It is normal to apply for these schemes in December, January or February, but again, check employer websites for up-to-date application deadlines.

It’s the responsibility of any modern business to maintain the structure of their technical assets, which is why Sphere IT is dedicated to providing only the most efficient IT support in the City of London for businesses of all sectors. We have found Sphere IT to be pro-active, approachable, reliable and most of all dedicated to providing us with a modern, safe and secure IT services. Knowing that Sphere IT are at the end of the phone whenever required gives us the reassurance for the client service we need to grow our company without having to worry about IT issues. Before your contract even begins, we will send out one of our fully qualified support technicians to conduct a free on-site infrastructure audit.

An international organisation development consultancy helping to develop organisations that enable people, nature and society to flourish. An Oxford-based firm of sustainability advisors specialised in working with food systems, supply chains and landscapes. Operating globally from the Netherlands to provide financial audit, tax and advisory services. A Japanese multinational IT equipment and services company and the world’s fourth-largest IT services provider by revenue. Specialises in providing strategy consultation services to major organisations and governments. LiveStrategy a new consultancy offering accessible and affordable strategy to mid-size organisations.

Is LEK Consulting prestigious?

Consulting: Founded by three Bain partners, L.E.K. is a management consulting firm that services nearly all industries and functions. They are best regarded for their work in healthcare and private equity. They have over 1,400 employees, 21 offices worldwide, and roughly $500M in annual revenue.

With offices in London and Zurich, according to its website, it is a boutique management consultancy. We are actively seeking exceptional individuals to join our team as Consultants in London and Zurich. A team formed by highly skilled consultants that deliver bespoke, practical and fact-based solutions for our clients. What makes Humatica different from others is transparency and organisational effectiveness.

Some firms have global reputations and/or are recognised as leaders in their fields – how much does this matter to you? Some have a reputation for offering really great it consulting firms job security – Oliver Wyman, for example, stresses that it is looking for ‘future leaders’ rather than ‘two-year employees’ – whereas others have an ‘up or out’ policy.

IT consulting IT consultancies provide businesses with the tools they need to get the most out of their IT systems. This sometimes involves implementing and administering an IT system on behalf of a company. Management consultants help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. They use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Are you interested in how a business works – its strategy, structure, management and operations? When it comes to processes and deliverables, consulting services vary depending on a business case. IT consulting may include the audit of an existing system, putting in a strategy to extend and enhance an existing tech infrastructure as well as building a roadmap for the complete digital transformation of a business process. These and many other benefits of digital consulting have already been proven by many success stories.

It demands a steep learning curve that some business owners are simply too busy to attempt. Consulting firms have been helping large and small businesses alike for dozens of years. As professionals spend more time in their industries, they become experts or authorities in their field. In doing so, they have learned to provide valuable services for those less capable. At Regus, we have our own internal IT resources but we sometimes call on the help of outside consultants like Mustard where specialist knowledge or a wider pool of experience is required. The team at Mustard are professional, knowledgeable and have been a pleasure to work with. Mustard IT has saved me so much time, spear-heading this project for us and liaising directly with our American office and third-party suppliers, such as ISPs, to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Alpha services are limited to wealth and asset management and advisory. They do this by solving problems, providing outside perspective, and enhancing business capability. They provide up to date and innovatory thinking and experience from all economic sectors, combined with experience from other economic sectors. Management consultants bring niche skills and a breadth of experience into organisations, which is often useful for specific projects but not for an organisation to employ full time. Many draw on deep technical expertise combined with sophisticated understanding of business and organisational dynamics. They will transfer knowledge and skill into a client organisation leaving it better equipped to respond to future challenges.

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