Technical Architect Responsibilities

In a rapidly changing technology environment, organizations face the need to transform their processes and systems to meet emerging business requirements. This digital transformation demands a specific expertise and a set of practices to align business focus with technology solutions. The primary role of a technical solutions architect is to identify issues within a company’s technology stack and then carefully spell out solutions that people in the organization can understand. Part of the role is about fixing issues, and part of it is explaining to company stakeholders why they are experiencing problems and the options open to them for solving them. Compared to the solution and enterprise architect, technical architects take the most hands-on approach during the execution of IT projects.

Most of the certification platforms, besides the exam itself, offer training courses, learning materials, and practice software development services tests. Other resources can also be helpful to prepare and practice such as Udemy, Coursera, or MeasureUp.

What Does An Enterprise Architect Do?

A Technical architect also referred to as an IT Systems Architect, is a systems logistics specialist who creates, maintains, and implements IT systems for a growing business or IT firm. You will need the right mix of IT knowledge and managerial skills to succeed in a technical architect career. This Software Architect job description template includes the list of most important Software Architect’s duties and responsibilities. This Software Architect job description template is customizable and ready to post to job boards.

  • Enterprise architects are responsible for ensuring that systems adhere to regulations and company policies.
  • Many organizations still don’t have CISOs, so the top information security job might be “Computer Scientist” or as junior-sounding as Assistant Vice President.
  • Solution architecture belongs to the list of most important practices executed before any tech solution development begins.
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  • Solution architect, which may refer to a person directly involved in advancing a particular business solution needing interactions between multiple applications.
  • Some solution architects may look after the programming, integration, and testing of software systems and associated devices.

Most technical architecture specialists focus on one single implementation and specialize in a particular domain where they also define mobile game development best practices. A technical architect oversees the creation and maintenance of a company’s network and other web-related systems.

Technical Solution Architect

While solution architects engineer solutions for specific business problems, enterprise architects verify that the IT strategy is aligned with the organization’s mission. It is their job to analyze business properties as well as the external environment and define all business needs. Our technology environment is evolving quickly while changing business requirements at a dramatic pace.

technical architect responsibilities

Employers look for a wide range of skills in technical architects, including good communication and problem-solving skills, ability to assimilate information, updated technical know-how, and ability to think ahead. If you are a computer whizz with excellent business skills, a career as a technical architect can be a perfect choice for you. It is one of the high-demand IT jobs today, and there’s a wide variety of areas where you can choose to work.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Technical Architects

Sign up now and start experiencing the benefits of working as an on-demand freelance technical solutions architect and get the freedom you want. With Field Engineer, you can get access to a wide selection of companies all looking to hire people like you to their team. With us, you can get the clients you want and take on as much or as little work as you like, retaining complete control over your work-life balance. Enterprise architects have the most overarching view of the organization and know of its capabilities and potentials. They play a key role when it comes to identifying business needs in context with external factors like competitors and internal factors like a company’s IT landscape. They are in charge of analyzing current trends in technology architecture and educating technology departments about new frameworks and best practices. Out of all IT architects, they are required to have the best grasp of the company’s IT landscape in relation to business outcomes.

technical architect responsibilities

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Solution Architect Role Description And Responsibilities

However, the exam can be taken without previous preparation — all that is required is deep knowledge of the architecture concepts and principles and a vast hands-on experience in the industry. Software testing Certifications are intended to validate the skills and expertise of the solution architects. So, having one or more credentials proves the expert’s proficiency in specific skills.

To successfully design, create, and lead the development of a software solution, a solutions architect needs to have a certain skill set. Having a clear vision for the project, and technical architect responsibilities a clear understanding of the client’s business needs, a solutions architect maps out the parts that will constitute the software solution and how they are going to work together.

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This is a lot of work, but if your organization is so small that it doesn’t already have such a group, either it’s doing really badly, or there will be less to learn. Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster. With this intuitive, cloud-based solution, everyone can work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and more. Take a look at some of the specific architect roles you might find in a large corporation or enterprise.

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For example, this is the case for an application server, which is a technical utility component in which the application components run by the server are deployed. The Salesforce Technical Architect is critical to the shared success of our project teams and our Technical Services group. Working with best of breed consultants, you will be able to contribute and participate in many activities including solution design, sales, delivery, team leadership and importantly – thought leadership. In a 2010 Architect Magazine rapid app development article titled “Everyone’s An Architect,” the author describes how members of the AEC feel that the IT industry has hijacked the architect title without earning it. But consider how the term “doctor” is often used outside of the medical profession—more broadly, architects are those who design and build, whether the end result is a skyscraper or application software. The adoption of “architect” and “architecture” to define roles outside of the architectural, engineering, and construction industry is not new.

You will also be responsible for managing, validating and maintaining system performance. The software Architect job description should start with an interesting, eye-catching introduction. According to job search sites, the average salary for a Solutions Architect role can vary widely depending on the location, education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years in the profession, etc.

If you want to become a generalist Security Architect then use the entire rest of this book to start to learn about information security groups, and their roles and responsibilities. However, you can also focus on information security in your specialty—this book is just the beginning. These architects focus on business strategies, structures, processes, and capabilities.

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