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This allows GeoStamp clients to develop greater efficiency in their business and increase the total number of moves transacted. Colgate-Palmolive needed a solution that would streamline tracking processes, provide greater visibility into the supply chain, and enable us to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Below is a list of some of the different entities we can integrate with. Our software has a robust integration platform allowing integrations with almost any software application. Advanced automation requires data exchange and integration in every step of work flow. Silver Bullet Technologies transportation logistics software is designed for easy data integrations with your business partners.

  • As a Microsoft partner, we have specialized our logistics information system with a unique, real time data integration with the Dynamics products GP and AX.
  • Control and monitor specialized services with customizations developed according to your specifications.
  • Developed by a fleet owner to organize his own company’s invoicing and records, this software was crafted with all the nuances of the trucking business in mind.
  • These items allow the website to remember choices you make and provide enhanced, more personal features.
  • All financial activity is generated in real time by shipment detail entry which is mapped to designated GL account codes.
  • Marine terminal operators have become more efficient and can compare their performance with other port terminals.

Case studies Browse customer case studies and learn how our software is making a positive difference in how fleets, drivers and vehicles are being managed. When you choose a transportation dispatching software, it’s reasonable to craft a list of the «must-have» features and operational functions you need along with the «nice to have» functionality you consider. The other case to mention in the context of transport solutions is MeinFernbus. For 3 years we took part in the development of a web project and mobile applications for MeinFernbus. Even though the solutions that are offered off-the-shelf offer support to their customers, it’s not round the clock and at times can be a bit long to solve some burning issue. Even the best trucking dispatch software has its drawbacks, and we are going to mention some as well.

Safety And Maintenance

Handle vertical market requirements globally (hazmat, perishables, pharma, etc.) and support the customers of your clients with an advanced logistics information system for logistics planning and management. Unfortunately, even top fleet dispatch software solutions offered in the market today lack mobile apps for dispatchers. It makes the letter stay in front of a computer and complicates solving of the unexpected problems that may set in any time, even when a dispatcher is not near the PC. With technology powered by InfoMagnus, Transportation Software Solutions developed a product called GeoStamp. GeoStamp software automates the collection of turn time and provides accurate data by which to make real-time decisions and measure performance. The product works seamlessly with GPS providers to collect data and deliver clear, accessible analytics.

What’s important, ProTransport solutions can be integrated with various programs and tools including GPS, QuickBooks, fuel card providers, IFTA, and more. In 2005, Wachovia Capital Partners and PepperTree Capital Management acquired TMW Systems. In 2006, TMW Systems acquired Vancouver-based Maddocks Systems, Canada’s largest provider of trucking software. TMW Systems also acquired Durham-based TMT Software Company, a fleet maintenance software provider, in May 2007.

Since 1985 McLeod offers LoadMaster dispatch solution and PowerBroker for trucking companies, third-party logistics, shipper companies, load carriers, fleets. At present it has around a thousand active users in transportation sphere. With dispatch integration, container number, leg type, and other relevant customer information is available that allows for seamless billing and reduced manual processes. The customers of GeoStamp trucking companies no longer have to rely on physical tickets or verbal validation. Companies that rent their logistics management software from ‘one size fits all’ software vendors pay perpetual usage fees.

Today, TMW supplies solutions covering the transportation services sector. It supplies technology for improved operational efficiencies, improved transactional velocity, resource utilization and long-term profitability. Sustain reliability, improve profitability, diversify your shipping options and more. Schneider has the solutions, services and expertise to give you more control over your supply chain and move you forward. Grier Brothers has worked with other companies who offer similar solutions, but TruckIT by far has been the best offering.

Become a partner Join our partner program to develop or distribute solutions to our customers and take advantage of our extensive network. Integrations With over 150 different software integrations available, get the data you need, however you need it. Grow your business with Trimble TMS products that simplify the entire order-to-cash process for carriers, brokers and shippers. Silver Bullet selected to automate cold storage/logistics operations for a 3PL managing perishable imports at a California port. The companies that are investing in software today are the companies that will be leading the industry tomorrow. When you want help, you can pick up the phone and speak directly with one of the team members that implemented your software.

When cargo moves through the supply chain, companies are often forced to string together multiple software solutions to manage these different shipment operations. This can lead to complexity, inefficiency, and error in business process and data management. Companies with better logistics software are better serving customers, operating more efficiently, adapting more quickly to change, and making better business decisions. In logistics, your software can and should be a high performing asset, not a commoditized rent expense. We began developing our enterprise logistics software in 1999 with a forwarding module. All of our software now includes specific functionality for perishable goods.

logistics software for trucking

Studying our review, you can choose the one right for you and your business. Customers prize the advanced functionality and intuitive user interface of our enterprise logistics software. Our flexible design accommodates customizations that are rapidly deployed. Today there are 12 modules for distinct supply chain operations that can be delivered as stand-alone applications or combined to create a comprehensive logistics management software solution. Users, IT and Management complained that existing software for logistics offered incomplete functionality. This resulted in difficult and costly to maintain systems with overly complex integration maintenance needs.

Flexible Logistics Software & White Glove Service That Always Meets Enterprise Needs

Carrier portals are available with optional pre-defined integrations that stand up quickly so that your logistics system works for you. Quick and precise import control is supported with advanced management functionality. Shipping and transport event status for activity with carriers, vendors, and related parties is continually updated with embedded EDI integrations. Our logistics software is engineered on a flexible framework allowing rapid, efficient customizations.

We have seen impressive examples of the ways Transplace has lowered logistics costs and increased fleet utilization by maximizing vehicle capacity and eliminating empty kilometers. Transplace will automate our data entry and manual processes to save time and labor costs, while increasing efficiencies across our transportation network. In 2006, Microsoft recognized Silver Bullet Technologies with their Pinnacle Award for outstanding achievement with a major forwarder.

Coach Your Drivers And Improve Vehicle Maintenance

In 2011, Microsoft again recognized our company with a Customer Excellence Award for Innovation with a west coast customs exams site. We specialize in creating leading-edge logistics systems and supporting them with best in class customer service. Twenty years ago our startup dedicated investment into formal market research to advance our understanding of the needs of logistics service providers (LSP’s). We surveyed many different companies to better understand their priorities for business process automation. Onfleet allows to easily route, dispatch, track, and analyze deliveries, communicate with drivers and provide the clients with real-time updates in SMS. More than that, it offers proof-of-delivery along with feedback collection tools that will help you make your deliveries even better.

Silver Bullet Technologies supports all Tier 1 ERP’s with a specialization in Microsoft Dynamics products. Today, our customers are able to right size their logistics systems using only the functionality they require. This allows companies to reduce the number of software vendors they contract with, the number of integrations they must maintain and the total cost of their technology solutions. The present-day market is full of tools that offer various options and their combinations, and it can be overwhelming to even search for a suitable solution since every business has its specifics. That’s why we’ve prepared a short overview of the best transportation dispatch software solutions available. The providers below best suit trucking companies and freight brokers, most of them have experience serving the industry for several years.

Our company has been a Gold Certified Microsoft Applications Developer since 2005. To address the second core complaint from users, IT and Management about existing systems being too difficult and costly to customize, we decided to design our software framework to be as flexible as possible. This allows our customers to quickly implement customizations that remain compatible with future software updates from Silver Bullet. This means customers can continuously improve their Silver Bullet solution over time while maintaining simplicity in their tech ecosystem. We also implemented a white glove customer service model where feature requests from our customers are prioritized and delivered via a standard hourly rate.

Microsoft recognized our company for Extraordinary Competence supporting the rollout of our logistics management software for a forwarder. Stfalcon’s team was also asked to provide transportation management application development for continuous communication with drivers over the whole itinerary. With trucking logistics software, you can back up and store your data securely all in one place and access it with the help of any web-enabled device. It also enables quick data sharing and analysis for prompt and timely decisions. Since the amount of freight will grow, not only more drivers will be in demand, but new technological solutions as well.

Customized work flow is simplified by our flexible trucking module that accommodates special requirements. Link your trucking module with our yard, warehouse, or transload modules for a completely integrated logistics solution. Export shipment operations are fully automated and tracked with dynamic exception reporting. Accelerated export shipment processing improves customer relationships. Bookings, AWBs and MBL instructions are transmitted electronically from a unique, intuitive user interface.

Geostamp: Optimizing The Efficiency Of Trucking Fleets At Shipping Terminals

Simultaneously, the vehicles can get navigation and route adjustments in-vehicle for drivers not to get lost. ProTransport serves the trucking industry for over 15 years already, providing all-in-one versatile software customizable for fleets or freight brokerage companies of any size. With it, you get dispatching, accounting, safety, analytics, and maintenance combined.

logistics software for trucking

GeoStamp easily integrates into GPS providers, dispatch systems and financial systems. ProTransport software offers an unbeatable range of functions at an affordable price. Best of all, you can customize your ProTransport solution with as many software modules as your company needs. ProTransport combines your fleet’s operations into one easy-to-use system, helping you save time, measure performance and make strategic decisions. GPS fleet tracking Equipment and asset tracking Electronic logging device Dashcam Dispatch and scheduling Proof of delivery Roadside Assistance Please select at least one of these options.

The Silver Bullet Technologies Approach

Prioritize driver safety and compliance and minimize road incidents with a host of oversight and detailed data solutions. Pinpoint your loads in real time on a digital map and get accurate ETA information with innovative shipment tracking apps. The state-of-the-art Transplace technology meets all of our needs, while allowing easy integration with SAP and AMCS systems.

Dispatch software provides visibility into vehicle locations, and the operator does not need to call drivers to find out their locations. With real-time GPS data, the visibility becomes even more precise and the back office can focus on more important tasks and efficiency improvements. The data enables them to show customers how their performance compares to other trucking companies. GeoStamp also offers trucking management system and invoice integration that provides a seamless and transparent syntheses with financial systems. The software operates exclusively in the cloud and requires little to no management.

logistics software for trucking

“We significantly increased our revenue per truck as a result of GeoStamp developing a SaaS based trucks monitoring system that integrated GPS, dispatch and accounting systems.” The software provides a variety of data views, allowing an operations team to identify traffic bottlenecks and uncover areas for improvement. GeoStamp offers the user analytical insights that allows for historical views or real-time perspective.

Comprehensive Solutions For The Transportation Industry

TMW Systems completed its acquisition of Integrated Decision Support Corporation in September 2007. In late 2009, TMW Systems acquired Innovative Computing Corporation of Nashville, an enterprise software company. In May 2011, TMW Systems announced the acquisition of Appian Logistics Software—a leading logistics and supply chain software provider. In Silver Bullet Technologies software for logistics, customizability has been a key software design priority since our conception.

Field service & scheduling Up-to-the-minute job progress, rapid dispatch, mobile forms and work order scheduling. Fleet dashcam HD video, AI and driver data join forces to help you coach drivers and mitigate risk. Always know which of your carrier partners have available capacity and which customers need freight moved. Easily identify shippers’ freight Logistics and Transportation Software Solutions needs to pick up new loads, reduce empty miles and increase profitability for your business. Trimble’s eDriver Logs® electronic logging device software has been certified to comply with the technical requirements of the Canadian ELD mandate. Silver Bullet completes an integration with INTTRA to send shipping instructions and receive 315 messages.

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Even though we can’t boast a pure trucking dispatch solution development, we can mention Smartseeds, the service that unites cargo owners and freight operators into one system for the transportation of grains. Stfalcon developed this trucking logistics software to facilitate their mutually beneficial transactions. So, purchasing transportation dispatch software will definitely solve lots of problems for your carrier company and help you optimize its work to a great extent. TMW Systems is a developer of enterprise management software for the surface transportation services industry, including logistics, freight, trucking and heavy-duty repair and maintenance. The company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio and now has offices in Dallas, Indianapolis, Mayfield Heights, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Vancouver and Melbourne, Australia. Make the business of your customer your specialty with comprehensive, adaptable inventory control.


We’ll increase revenue by 40% with TruckIT’s digital ticketing and TicPic technology. No need to spend hours each day manually figuring out the best way to allocate your loads between the drivers. For smaller fleets, owner/operators can quickly decide if they can take on more work. These items are used to deliver advertising that is more relevant to you and your interests. They may also be used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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