Ways to Install and Uninstall Nanton Antivirus

To install Norton antivirus on the computer, certain measures have to be adopted If you do not receive an existing energetic account in that case firstly you reached click to make a new accounts, then to sign in to develop your new customer account. Then you certainly have to enter your primary current email address and username and password for registration purpose. To access the technology, you got to click on My personal Computer, which is install norton antivirus located at the personal pc. If you are affixing your signature to in using the My Pc which is located at the key menu then simply first check out Computer in the System Configuration tool. At this moment click to open the Houses panel. At this point click on Modification Key or Settings inside the General tabs.

On the first window, click the Updating tabs and the actual prompts of this wizard to setup the upgrade. If there is a new update readily available then it will also be available for your existing windows version. While you are changing choose the site that you want to update, by simply clicking on the Downgrade or perhaps Install case. When you are installing the application just the actual steps presented on the technician support experienced page.

When you mount the software then you definitely need to do away with the existing Norton antivirus program to ensure the secureness of your laptop. To remove software only follow the same steps given on the mount Norton antivirus installation wizard. On the uninstall tab you need to click on the Downgrade button if you have already an older version for the software. If you have no bring up to date available after that to uninstall, you just have got to follow the sorcerer relating to the uninstall windows.

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