Before law school, Kevin practiced as a CPA with Price Waterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers). In his early years following law school, his practice focused primarily on tax matters in the areas of business formation, M&A, commercial transactions, employee benefits, executive compensation, and estate planning. During this time, he fortified his tax knowledge with an LLM degree in taxation.

35 years later, Kevin’s practice has evolved and become considerably broader in scope. He continues to work in the above tax-intensive areas in which he started his career, but as his clients have grown and diversified, so too have his experience and areas of expertise and industry knowledge. These areas and industries now include complex LLC operating agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership and JV agreements; loan and security agreements; equipment leasing; solar power; ESOPs; sophisticated wills and trusts; IT licensing; private placements; wood products and timber; beverage bottling; distributorships; railroads and rolling stock; employment and separation agreements (including covenants restricting competition); shareholder/member/partner/owner disputes; litigation oversight; antitrust; business ethics policies; and commercial agreements of all kinds.

Over the course of a 35-year legal career, Kevin’s close relationships with clients have exposed him to the many legal matters that confront business owners and management every day, and he is conversant with the various options for dealing with them.