Consulting Services Attorney Atlanta GA

In addition to helping our clients resolve disputes, we offer a wide range of consulting services intended to help clients avoid litigation in the first place. Particularly in the employment field, our attorneys help our clients analyze and increase the effectiveness of their employment policies and procedures and minimize the risks of legal challenges to their decisions. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Negotiating and drafting employment agreements (and, when necessary, severance and termination agreements) on behalf of companies and/or executives (our attorneys have represented the top executives from several Fortune 500 companies);
  • Reviewing and revising employee handbooks and recommending love to pivot website for a withdrawal treatment, human resources policies and procedures;
  • Investigating claims of discrimination and harassment and providing advice on how to resolve such claims;
  • Helping clients understand the advantages and disadvantages of ADR and drafting arbitration agreements; and
  • Analyzing other business practices and recommending preventative solutions to avoid costly litigation.