Business/Corporate Law Attorney Atlanta GA

Since its inception, our firm has advised clients on a wide variety of business and corporate matters. Our business/corporate lawyers have handled corporate matters for large corporations as well as small start-up businesses, utilizing their extensive training and experience, including in-house experience. Among other matters, we have handled numerous equity and asset acquisitions, mergers, corporate compliance and governance matters, anti-trust matters, security matters, including private placements, and licensing and trademark matters. The following are some of the services that our business/corporate attorneys provide:

Corporate / Entity Creation and Governance

  • Work with clients to determine the appropriate form of legal entity for the client’s business, whether that is a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability company or some other form of entity.
  • Negotiate and prepare the documents that will govern the operation of the business, and the relationship among the various constituents of the business, such as the owners, directors, maids, management, and employees.
  • Advise boards of directors and managers about their fiduciary duties and other corporate governance matters, including matters related to M&A transactions.
  • Financing for acquisition, construction and development;
  • Counsel clients regarding start-up, bridge and other funding options.
  • Assist clients with drafting and maintaining their corporate minutes and other corporate/entity governance documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients and their companies through the steps of corporate mergers and acquisitions including:

  • Preparing for and conducting due diligence;
  • Preparing nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements;
  • Drafting letters of intent;
  • Negotiating and preparing acquisition/sale agreements (i.e., asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, etc.);
  • Preparing financing and loan documents;
  • Preparing all ancillary documents (for example, escrow agreements, earn-out agreements, registration rights agreements, supply agreement, shareholder agreements, and stock option agreements); and
  • Preparing private placement memoranda.